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Al-Bader Establishment was established in 1990. and from that time was working in different activities and become the parent company that includes the entire group, The starting was producing lubricating oils of various kinds with the additives required in order to have our final products "M&M".

The activities of Al-Bader (Trading) have diversified since then, and in the year 2019 we established a department specialized in trading for staple foods and food ingredients in the world.

In addition foodstuffs with bulk and packaged in bags and with different capacities. Now we reach to have our final products distributed in our domestic market. 
In compliance with our local customers, we guarantee the provision of a clean, high-quality and reliable product according to international specifications and standards. As we also aspire to establish long-term business relationships with many companies specialized in the same field around the world.


Qamar Al-Sama Food

Ceylon Pekoe black tea of all kinds and capacities (400 grams), (600 grams) and (1 kilogram) in different large quantities

White Star Food

White rice in different quantities and capacities (50 kilograms).

Green Sun Food

White sugar in quantities and capacities (50 kilograms) in different quantities


High quality productsHigh quality products

High quality products

All kinds of materials are imported with high quality and international standards according to Syrian AND international specifications and standards.


The materials are imported from highly reliable laboratories and in record time from their places to the various Syrian ports
Stores ManagementStores Management

Stores Management

Materials are placed and stored according to the customer’s request in specialized warehouses. We are distinguished from others by the presence of warehouses equipped to store these quantities in order to be supplied to their final customers smoothly and professionally.



Syria - Damascus - Baramkeh.